Companion App – Sync your Phone to Windows Computer

A companion app is launched to pair two devices simultaneously and sync the data on both devices. Users only need to download the Companion App from the Google Play Store. Sync the images and texts to your Windows PC, and the user can also make calls via PC.

This application offers access to transferring media files with your phone companion program. Without using your Android phone, you can use many applications on your PC.

What is a companion app?

The Companion App is a software application used to sync two devices for sharing data and managing storage. It offers content that is comparable to the user experience; however, it may only be a subset of it with fewer features and a portable design.

Connect an Android device from a Windows PC using the Companion App:

To pair or connect an Android device with a PC using a companion application, follow the steps:

  1. With the help of the Companion application, you can quickly pair both devices.
  2. Install the companion application on both devices from the Microsoft Store and the Google Play Store.
  3. Go to the Taskbar and open the Companion app after completing the downloading procedure.
  4. Select the Android phone model and start the pairing process.
  5. Click on the Sign Into option and enter the same login credentials on both devices’ apps.
  6. Install the companion application on an Android device from the Google Play Store.
  7. On PC, click on the link both devices option, and a QR code is generated on your PC screen.
  8. On Android, scan the QR code to pair both devices.
  9. This application gives access to Android data on a PC.
  10. After pairing both devices, click on the Done option.

Benefits of the Companion App:

Check out the benefits of the companion application mentioned below:

  • This application is now known as the “Link to Windows” app.
  • The companion application is increasing in utility.
  • They aid in expanding the audience.
  • Guarantee accessibility across various devices, such as Android and PCs.
  • It helps to make business services portable.
  • Application is easy and less expensive to construct.